A vote for UKIP is not a protest vote

The United Kingdom Independence Party are a divisive bunch, to say the least. Before I start, I will hold my hands up and admit I have often referred to them as “the acceptable face of racism” (usually when comparing them to the British National Party). It seems the PM agrees with me (Hi Dave) – having referred to UKIP as ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’ on LBC 97.3 back in 2006. However, they averaged around 25% in the wards where they were standing in Thursday night’s local elections. A significant number, whatever your opinions. 

For those of us who aren’t religious Question Time watchers, the UK Independence Party are right wing and led by Nigel Farage. They are forcefully anti-Europe; wish to slash immigration numbers; reduce taxes and increase public spending. (If it sounds too good to be true…).

They have also been in a fair amount of trouble with the press (I’m looking at you, Daily Mail) for having candidates in local elections who harbour secret racist tendencies. Most of these accusations have stemmed from things people have ‘liked’ on Facebook – and while that doesn’t make it okay, it’s not quite on the same scale as an active KKK affiliation.

Read the rest of this article on Six Out of Ten Magazine: here


One thought on “A vote for UKIP is not a protest vote

  1. I enjoyed this. And I agree, mostly. But it worries me that the country has got so far that there is such a majority feeling UKIP must be a legitimate option. Really well written btw love 🙂 xxxx

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