An English Girl On: The Kelloggs Dilemma

'Special K Protein Meal Bar'

Oh look, chocolate that makes you loose weight. Yeah. Right.

I have a problem with Kelloggs. Partly because they feed into the nasty social belief that thinness equates to beauty. Mainly because they tell people that Special K is healthy and a sensible way to loose weight.

Lets get one think clear. The SECOND ingredient in Special K is SUGAR. I’m not telling you not to eat it. I’m just reminding you that  its processed shite. As I type, I’m eating processed shite. I’m poorly, I wanted chilli to unblock my nose and I wanted to indulge in some serious stodge. I am under absolutely no illusions that I’m eating something good for me.

My problem with Kelloggs/Special K is that their utterly absurd and ridiculous ‘Two Week’ diet is based on starvation. You cut two meals down to less than two hundred calories. And it isn’t two hundred good calories, it’s two hundred calories of over processed, artificially sweetened rubbish. It will crash your metabolism and you’ll gain the weight back quicker than you’ve lost it. Which is fine – if you want to do that. What is not so fine, is the advertising campaigns that fool you into thinking you’re doing something that’s going to benefit your body and overall health.

I’m a big believe that all calories were not created equal, and nutritious food is better than processed food. Not everyone agrees with me. I know hundreds of people who love Kelloggs cereals and follow their diet plans. I maintain they are corrupt, money grabbers who will say anything to play on people’s insecurities. And to top it off their products are sudo-food, marketed as health food. And it makes me mad.


2 thoughts on “An English Girl On: The Kelloggs Dilemma

  1. Agreed. It’s a little ridiculous, really. I mean, if you want to feel like shit all day long after subsisting on sugar and sugar alone–and if you’re up for convincing yourself that you’re tummy isn’t empty when it’s actually screaming out for veggies or SOMETHING–then I guess the Special K diet can be effective. Otherwise, total crap.

  2. TOTALLY agree. I don’t understand why they try to convince you that they’re healthy. The fact that the options they used to give (Special K or Crunchy Nut) shows that Special K is NOT good for you. Gah. xx

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