An English Girl On: Society Getting It Wrong

Your stupidity provokes me

Today, whilst working on my Thesis ” The Implications of Previous Sexual History Evidence in Rape Trials” I came across this quote, which sums up nearly everything that is wrong with our legal system:

I feel very strongly that it’s a great waste of public money to prosecute the ex-husband rape or the ex-boyfriend rape unless there is extreme violence involved or it’s part of a sort of campaign of harassment…. People have still been sort of seeing each other after having a relationship, where he wants it and she doesn’t and it happens. Well she says it was a rape and probably, yes, it really was. But frankly does it matter?

To the unidentified FEMALE barrister who said this; YES. YES IT MATTERS. It matters because the vast, vast majority of rapes occur within relationships. It matters because violation hurts, who ever the perpetrator.  And it matters because my bodily integrity shall not be relegated beneath the need to conserve public funds.


3 thoughts on “An English Girl On: Society Getting It Wrong

  1. Absolutely speechless. Just… I can’t even. I want to break her face.
    Your thesis sounds really interesting though, hope it’s going ok love xxx

  2. It matters because a woman’s right to say no is a basic human right and should be defended at all costs. !!

    I love the way your blog is going, these are the sorts of posts I would like to get more of into mine. Brilliant. Love xxxx

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