An English Girl On: The Fear Of Sponsorship

Um. Or Not…

Somehow I have gone from never having run a real race, to be running two sponsored races in the next few months. This terrifies me. Not only must I now keep on the training straight and narrow, but I have taken hundreds of pounds from my loved ones to give to charities that I think are worthwhile. Which is quite a scary thought. A very scary thought actually. I may be entirely irresponsible with my own money, but I like to think I have a pinch of sense when it comes to everyone else’s…

And running isn’t really going so well. Last week I was struggling so much to get through my training sessions, everything hurt and I was feeling very sorry for myself. Since then I’ve sat an exam, got very, very drunk twice, been elbowed in the face and had my ankle stood on. My desires currently consist of: 1) sleep forever and 2) eat bodyweight in dark chocolate.

If anyone has a kick up the bum lying around, please send it my way!


3 thoughts on “An English Girl On: The Fear Of Sponsorship

  1. You will be amazing on both race days! Motivation is such a tricky one, I’ve heard there’s an app that tells you zombies are chasing you, would that help? My step-dad runs marathons & his biggest tip is to run in the mornings (if you can) because then you’re moving all day and you’re less likely to hurt the next day. You can do this 🙂

  2. Psh, getting drunk and going to balls is FAR more fun than running. You’ll get back to it soon- if you don’t, I’ll come and kick you. Deal? xx

  3. GO TEAM HEALTH. It is always a struggle. Especially at exam time! Just keep doing what you’re doing. Sleep and dark chocolate are good for you. As is getting drunk (it’s what I tell myself). I’ve started following worrying names on instagram such as s_kinnyme to make me go to the gym – but it’s not really about health, more about that flat tummy, it worries me… but it makes me go! That didn’t really help much I’m guessing. I’ll just shout ‘team health’ at you if you like. We should start a movement around this name xxxx

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