An English Girl On: Why I’m Here


I love to write. I like putting words on the page. It doesn’t come particularly hard to me, but I will no longer ever again call myself a ‘blogger’.

I am not a blogger. I am a writer. Apparently (or at least according to a few people on the twitter #lbloggers chat) being a ‘lifestyle blogger’ does not involve representing your life and thoughts in which ever way you choose.

Lifestyle blogging has too many rules. Apparently I HAVE to have a picture of myself at least every three blog posts. I HAVE to have a lengthy FAQ page telling you everything from my weight to my bra size. I HAVE to post regularly and I HAVE to use my own images and not stock images.

For the best part of the last year I tried to stick to these rules. And it made me miserable. Because I am not a materialistic and uninformed sheep who has to conform to what a bunch of  moronic teenagers inform me makes a ‘good’ blog. Harsh? Good. I’m pissed off with this so called community that does nothing other than bitch, complain and slag off other people’s attempts. Most of them can’t spell either.

So please don’t call me a blogger, because I don’t want to be associated with these games any more.

If the words are too much for you, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend your evening looking at pictures of a size 8 girl asking you if her new jeans make her look fat. Actually, I’m lying. There is so much wrong with this that I can’t even begin to tell you how many issues you have.

To the bloggers I love: I will love you always and forever. To the hateful, preaching, sanctimonious, time-wasting minority that took all the fun out of it: please never darken my doorstep again.


7 thoughts on “An English Girl On: Why I’m Here

  1. Hallelujah my little pumpkin. I don’t really get the need for faq pages.. does anyone ever really have questions that are asked frequently? I don’t think I’ve ever had questions asked frequently.. unless I’m just super lame and no-one really cares what I have to say, which I outright refuse to believe because why wouldn’t you want to know my bra size?

    I distanced myself from the community a while back, it made me too sad to constantly read things that apparently made my blog unworthy: not a great photographer, sometimes use other peoples photos, don’t show my face in every post or share my outfits =i’m shit

    Except I’m not shit – none of the things that ‘make a blog’ really do ‘make a blog’ because it’s meant to be unique. Or at least I think it is.

    I prefer to think of myself as a person that has a blog rather than a blogger these days, there’s less stigma attached to it.

    Also, another thing that really bugs me is that someone ALWAYS brings up the ‘big blogger little blogger’ thing. DOES IT MATTER??? No, it doesn’t. The end. xxx

    • Oops, hit post too early!!! I enjoy the #lbloggers chat, but didn’t see this being said. I am prone to whinging about blogs being full of poor spelling, no grammar at all or just bloody awful English (not saying I never make a mistake but, you know, spell check?) but I certainly don’t follow rules or apply them to blogs that I’m “prepared to read”. I’m sure I break most of them :/

  2. I completely agree with this! I started taking part in the #lbloggers chat a couple of months ago, but haven’t taken part in the last 3 (or maybe 4), because it kept seeming like I was blogging wrong, and was starting to wonder how I could make my blog ‘right’ in the ways said, which ain’t cool. (Btw, this type of blog is much better IMO!)

  3. Brilliantly said. The chats seem to make a lot of people feel as though they aren’t good enough and maybe I am missing something but I’m fairly sure that isn’t what they are meant to do! I’m very proud of my blog, I write what I want to, put the photos up that I like and I post when I feel in the mood to do so. I don’t want to be judged for doing this and I don’t think that anyone else should be either!

    While I enjoy reading certain posts and topics, I definitely don’t believe that EVERYONE should have to do these things because then every blog would just be the same.

    I LOVE your blog (and Charlotte’s) but neither of you post photos of yourself very often, but that isn’t what I visit them for, I like the honesty in the posts and you don’t need photographs of yourself to put that across!

  4. Love you Bess. Couldn’t care less if you don’t post pictures of your beautiful face. Or Tabitha, or Charlotte, or anyone, for that matter. I read what you write because I like what and how you write. That’s plenty for me. It is too easy to hide behind a pretty face, and I love the fact that you don’t. And when I’m writing, I write what I want to, and waffle because I like to. If people don’t like that, I couldn’t care. Your attitude is very awesome, you know. xxx

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