An English Girl On: The Sunshine Dichotomy

Sunshine on the sea


Sunshine has the ability to fill me with love and loathing in equal measure.

It’s currently loathing. I have a lot of work that I’ve put off (my fault blah blah flipping blah) and so I’m stuck inside trying and failing to work. And you bloody lot won’t stop telling me how marvellous it is to be outside in the glorious sunshine with the spring breeze washing through your hair.

Even when I can go outside, I have a somewhat tempestuous relationship with the sun. Long story short, it hates me and I frizzle up into a dying crispy thing that stays in cool places and shades her face. Direct sunlight gives me a pounding migraine and I live in constant fear of developing skin diseases from over exposure.

So essentially, sunshine – you ain’t so great. Now piss off and let me get some work done


2 thoughts on “An English Girl On: The Sunshine Dichotomy

  1. True dat. It’s the first bit of decent heat we’ve had all year, and all I could think in the car was how bloody annoying it is and how unprepared I am. I was instantly filled with a pang of regret, as though I may somehow have cursed us into suffering from more rain, but I’m with you. Sunshine = headache. No good x

  2. 10 minutes in the sun and I get so many freckles I look diseased so I’m mainly with you on this one. Hopefully it will stick around long enough to you to be able to complain about it from the shade though, as opposed to complaining about it from the library!

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