An English Girl On: The Junk Food Revelation

Chinese Takeaway

Today Mama English and I went for lunch to my favourite restaurant  I ordered my favourite food and it was delicious. I then spent the rest of the afternoon feeling very sick.

Slowly but surely I’ve come to the conclusion that my ageing body just can’t handle burgers/fries/greasy chinese like it used to be able to. And this is a revolting revelation that I never, ever, wanted to fall victim too.

Even I can’t comfort eat, what on earth do I do when there’s an emotional void that needs filling? Where can I turn too if it’s not battered chicken and egg fried rice? Am I honestly going to be one of those people who gets stressed out and turns to exercise?!

That can’t be true. So I must turn to the only possible conclusion left to me:

I’ve been hijacked by an alien parasite.


2 thoughts on “An English Girl On: The Junk Food Revelation

  1. Oh dear, this is so true! I love pizza, so much! And I love eating a whole large Dominos pizza, it’s so unnecessary, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, but it’s also so good, but lately junk food has made me feel bad in general, i.e. not just afterwards or something. I kind of blame this on my healthier in general lifestyle, I think once your body becomes accustomed to better stuff, it doesn’t want to go back 😀

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