An English Girl On: A Song of Ice And Fire

Game of Thrones Wolves

To avoid being a complete and pathetic fan girl, this post is dedicated to the first two books of the Song of Ice and Fire Series. (This is an addiction from which a fountain of blog posts shall spring).

I am very late to the Game of Thrones bandwagon. So late that three weeks ago I wasn’t even sure what it was. Then, in a fount of misery, I watched the first two series of the HBO show. In four days. I’d like to say I’m not proud of such lethargy, but I am. Call me sloth girl.

I vaguely remember attempting to read A Game of Thrones before. I must have done, because it was already downloaded on my kindle app, and I don’t share that with anyone. I don’t recall ever making it past the prologue. Then, in a fit of genius, I remembered that when I was a small(er) girl, I never read prologues. The first time the word ‘prologue’ ever appeared, I was told it was the fancy word for introductions. Well I didn’t want an introduction, I wanted a story.

As a grown person, I do try to read the prologues. But (don’t lynch me), I’ve now read three George R R Martin prologues and hated them all. So, if you’re struggling to get into the books, I heartily recommend skipping straight to the action.

I also normally hate seeing a TV/film interpretation before reading the story for myself. But, on this occasion and this occasion only I do think the show really helped me get into the story. The landscape, geography and sheer number of characters is ginormous. And fantasy epics are my bread and butter – so I’m no stranger to a battle cry or a Lord Commander. But having already seen an interpretation of the plot, it did help me wade through and have a better grasp of what’s going on.

Now I’ve moved onto book three, I’m desperate to keep ahead of the show (which I’m now addicted to) and form my own opinions. Unfortunately some absolute chump told me who dies. I fed his testicles to my dog.

I realise this is massively uninformative, but I’m loathe to spoil the story my sharing it. It’s good, you’ll like it. Turn off the talking box and get reacquainted with paper and ink.


9 thoughts on “An English Girl On: A Song of Ice And Fire

  1. Since we have similar taste in books I might have to give these a read, I was looking for something to entertain me this weekend

    (And I agree about prologues) xx

  2. Spoilers are unforgivable. I’ve read all the books up to the latest (#5) and I’m sure not to spoil anything for my students, a lot of whom are watching Game of Thrones right now.

    They’re also probably too young to be watching Game of Thrones, but that’s on their parents.

    • How old are your students? I’m thinking that the books are probably as gruesome as the show! Especially the naughty bits… But as you’ve read more than me you’re in a much better place to judge. Sometimes I feel like I’m not old enough, but that’s just my prudish nature coming to the surface!

  3. I’ve read the first 4 and then for some reason never went back to read 5. I adore epic novels like this – the only problem I found was that I don’t enjoy reading them as much on my kindle. I like to be able to flick back to the character lists (because they all have SUCH similar names!) and the maps to get a better idea of where things are and I find that a lot more awkward on a kindle! I haven’t actually watched the show, but it sounds like it does the books justice so I might try it!

    • Oh the show is amazing – and they’ve changed very, very little – whole conversations are repeated verbatim! I have the same issue reading with my ipad, but take comfort in not having to hold up a really heavy book at 1am (upper body strength is not my forte…)

  4. I’m about 1/3 of the way through A Game of Thrones and am LOVING it. Forcing the brother to download the TV show for me too.
    And skipping prologues? That’s nothing. The first time I read it, I skipped the first chapter of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” because the story wasn’t happening quickly enough. Oops. x

  5. Great, now I need this t-shirt in my life! I’m gutted for you that someone told you about Book 3’s deaths. I had the best time screaming at my kindle ‘NO. FRICKIN’. WAY’ for about half an hour after the chapter in question aha.

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