An English Girl On: the Running Bug

Running is quality time with me

CONFESSION: I am ‘that’ girl. I have the running bug, and I want to tell you about it. I want to tell you about that feeling when you finish your last mile as fast as your first. I want to tell you about the songs that get me through. I want to tell you about the pain in my back and the blisters on my feet. I want you to tell me how to get stronger, faster and more consistent. I want to know what to eat, when to eat it, how to train, when to train, where to train. I WANT YOU TO CARE.

I’m not quite so delusional to believe that you actually do care, or that my running has any bearing on your life at all. But the thing is, I was never ‘a runner’. I wouldn’t even class myself as a runner now. But running truly is a mental game. And feeling those internal walls come down truly is the best feeling I’ve ever had. It’s better than sex. I want you to feel that way too. I want you to hit your first 5k, and feel amazed. And then hit your first 10k, and feel on top of the world. If you can outrun the demons in your mind, you can outrun anything that’s out to get you in life.

For me, running brings a mental clarity and a physical clarity that nothing else can match. When you achieve, you are good enough. No one else was involved – it was your own propulsion, your own sweat, your own tears. No one helped you over the finish line, and no one can claim your victory. You are good enough. You achieved. And if you can achieve this, you can achieve anything. So, I’m terribly sorry boyfriend, but running gives me something that you can’t.

Running makes me invincible. And orgasm just isn’t a scratch on world domination.


4 thoughts on “An English Girl On: the Running Bug

  1. You are a brilliant writer lady. I’m not a runner so I can’t relate to that exactly, but the better than sex thing I can relate to.. I feel like that when I’m presented with kittens, hahaha (I’m not joking, I’m just laughing at how mental that made me sound)

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