An English Girl On: Emerging Spring Time

Spring time flowers

Today the grass outside my window was mown. It’s the first time it’s been mown since I moved in at the end of September. The best smell ever. EVER. If the grass is being cut, then the grass has grown. Grass doesn’t grow in the snow. So if the grass has grown, then maybe, just maybe, I can hope that there will be no more snow.

Today my path has been crossed by a goose, a duck and a deer. A deer. Running through a car park. I tried to follow it (I’d like to think there is a deer hidey-hole by my window), but it disappeared. So I spent the first half an hour of my morning meeting musing about deer hidey holes and magic disappearing deers.

Spring time is my favourite of all times. It’s not too hot when the sun beams and spring showers make everything smell gloriously fresh. I may be over-worked and under-hydrated, but today everything looks greener, smells stronger, and for the first time in a long time it feels like winter is finally over.


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