An English Girl On: the Power of Freebies

I recently unsubscribed from almost all of the beauty blogs I followed: I found that daily updates of new products made me all the more aware of my flaws. Every time I hear of a miraculous dark circle cure, I can’t help but think of the state of my face every morning, and crave something that gives me china-doll perfect skin. So I end up with drawer after drawer of products and a dwindling purse.

The obvious thing to do after this anti-materialism revelation, is, of course to go and spend £50 on Cult Beauty in order to snag their goody bag (worth £55). Why? Did I need what was in the goody bag? (no) Did I deserve an extra expensive treat? (no). Had I run out of perfume and therefore had the perfect excuse for unnecessary spending?

I’m actually quite ashamed of myself. More often than not, I manage to run away from websites before hitting ‘checkout’ but not so much this time. Worst of all, my £50 spend has bought me two over-hyped products – which I have high expectations of, making the crushing feeling of disappointment and wasted cash all the more likely.

All I’m asking is that I can either get some self control, or, have an unlimited fund for frivolous purchases…


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